We pride ourselves on being innovative and forward-thinking but, at the same time, we enjoy celebrating our heritage.  Since the company was founded in 1961, we’ve achieved a number of exciting milestones that have contributed towards our international growth and enabled us to become the highly successful business we are today.

Senator h.c. Heinz Neumüller founds CEWE COLOR Betriebe in the headquarters of Carl Wöltje in Oldenburg. Heinz Neumüller includes the initials “CW” in the company name in honour of his father-in-law.

The transition from black & white to colour photography: CEWE COLOR constructs a lab with a production area covering 4,000 square metres.


CEWE COLOR takes over the lab operations of Koliphot in Nuremburg and Nordcolor in Lubeck. This means that the CEWE COLOR Group has progressed to become the leading industrial colour lab in Germany. Sales organisations are set up in Belgium and France.


Takeover of a colour lab in Paris and expansion of the Koliphot lab. Production is launched on a production area of approx, 4,500 square metres in the newly erected CEWE COLOR industrial lab in Mönchengladbach.


A new record is set: CEWE COLOR develops more than 2.1 billion colour prints. Takeover of a lab in Lourdes and the construction of production plants in Bordeaux and Lille.


During the course of the year CEWE COLOR opens new lab operations in Graudenz, Poland and Budapest, Hungary. Cewe Color becomes the leading photo and imaging service provider (photofinisher) for retailers as well as Internet and telecommunication enterprises.


CEWE celebrates 50-years in business


CEWE celebrates 10-years of the award winning CEWE PHOTOBOOK and also 10-years on the current Warwick site. 2 billion photos are produced by the CEWE group, with 6 million CEWE PHOTOBOOKS and 25,000 retail partners.


100% Carbon Neutral CEWE PHOTOBOOK launched at Photokina 2016. With more than 42 million copies sold since it was launched in 2005, the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is Europe’s most popular photo book. As of now, it will be manufactured in a way that is completely carbon neutral. CEWE has structured the entire value added chain so that it is completely carbon neutral, from the choice of raw materials to the manufacturing process and delivery.