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Meet Jack – CEWE’s Newest Apprentice!

In August 2016 we were delighted to welcome Jack into the Company as an Apprentice Production Engineer. Jack had just completed a Level 3 BTEC in Engineering with Warwickshire College and had also gained hands-on experience with a leading supplier of clutches to the auto-sport industry.

“I didn’t want to go to university full-time, as I’d already dipped my toes into the world of work and really enjoyed it,” explains Jack. “CEWE came into my college to give a presentation and it sounded like a really great company. When I heard they were looking for an Apprentice I just had to apply!”


Following his application Jack was invited to an assessment centre. “It was quite a full-on day,” recalls Jack. “I was one of a number of candidates and, in addition to being interviewed, we had to complete psychometric tests and a practical engineering exercise. We were also given a tour of the production facility, which was fascinating! Although it was a long day, I left the assessment centre knowing that CEWE was 100% committed to finding the right person for the Apprenticeship. I was ecstatic when they called and offered me the job!”


Since joining the Company Jack has completed two placements. “My first placement was in Production,” explains Jack. “I learned about the different printers and machines and developed a really good understanding of the workflow. I’m currently completing a placement within the Maintenance Team, which is really testing my problem solving skills. When you’re taking things apart it’s crucial to keep a note of what you’re doing, otherwise it can be impossible to put them back together again!”

Jack attends college one day a week to study for a Level 3 qualification in Engineering Technical Support. As well as covering engineering theory, the course provides students with the opportunity to do ‘practicals’ and experiment in a safe environment. So far they have focused on electrical engineering, creating various circuits with lights and motors. They have also covered soldering and metal work.


When asked if he would recommend a CEWE Apprenticeship to others, Jack replies, “YES! When I look at what I can do now compared with six months ago I’ve learned so much. Every day’s different. If a machine breaks down then it can be a case of having to reprioritise everything. I’ve received loads of training. I’ve even gained a forklift truck licence! It’s not just about the training though. Everyone at CEWE is really friendly and supportive. I play football with my colleagues once a week, which just shows how well we get on!”

Discover More About Our Personal Development Allowance

In 2016 we introduced some exciting new benefits including a Personal Development Allowance, enabling employees to claim up to £300 a year towards non work related personal development. As you’d expect, the allowance has been extremely well received and it’s been great to hear about some of the activities employees have engaged in.

As our HR Manager, Sarah Harris, explains, “We know we’re good at training and developing people within their roles, but we wanted to give them the opportunity to develop new skills outside of the workplace. It’s a chance for them to try something completely different and, in some cases, discover a hobby they’re really good at. Never underestimate the power of learning to sing, ride a horse or cook!”

Sarah Darby, who works in our Digital Team, used her Personal Development Allowance to undertake a ceramics course at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College. We caught up with her to find out how the course had gone.

Sarah making pots

Have you always wanted to try your hand at ceramics?

I hand-made a ceramic piece for one of my GCSEs, but that was 25 years ago! Last year, my husband and I visited a friend in Glasgow who’s a ceramic artist. She showed us around her studio and we tried throwing some small pots on the wheel. It was really good fun, even though the end results weren’t anything to shout about! That’s what sparked my interest.

So spinning pots is harder than it looks?!

It’s definitely is a lot harder than it looks! It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but it’s very therapeutic once you get the hang of it.

Can you tell us about the course format, the equipment you had access to at the college, and the skills you’ve developed?

It was a beginners’ course, held on Monday evenings from 6pm until 9pm. It lasted 6 weeks and cost £80. In the first lesson we were taught a few hand building skills and I made a plant pot; it took me two hours, as I initially struggled to engage the creative side of my brain!

In the following weeks I made some large bowls using a plaster of paris mould and taking inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I found some really cool ideas and then experimented! I also spent some time on the wheel improving my technique with the help of the course tutor, Jason. There are 5 wheels at the college, so we were able to move between hand building and throwing as and when we wanted to.

The college supplied all of the clay, tools and glazes, and there was just a small charge if we wanted to make something at home and fire it back at the college. I learned so much on the course and the progress I have made definitely shows in the quality of the pots that are now scattered around our house!

Sarah making pots

Do you plan on using your newly found skills going forwards?

I’m so passionate about ceramics and have already set up my own studio at home. My tutor gave me a great deal on a second hand wheel and my first order of clay (100 kilos!) arrived a few weeks ago. I love bringing my creations into the office and showing my colleagues – they make a great talking point! My friends and family know what they’ll be getting for Christmas this year!

In your opinion, what are the benefits of employers offering personal development funding?

Without the Personal Development Allowance, I would never have enrolled on the course. Having the funding available encouraged me to give it a go because I felt I had nothing to lose! I never thought I’d say this, but making pots makes me feel incredibly happy – and I guess that’s a good thing for both me and the company!

Welcome to Our New Careers Website

Welcome to our brand new careers website, where you might just find your next job! We believe that CEWE is a brilliant place to work, and this website is designed to show you why.

It’s really important that anyone who joins our team is joining for the right reasons, and shares our passion, enthusiasm and values. We hope that reading through these pages will give you a good taste of what it’s like to be part of the CEWE family. If you like what you see, and you think you could feel at home in our friendly, tight-knit team, then we hope you’ll come and join us!

Finding the right people for every job

We’re a successful company, but we know that our success is due in no small part to the talented, hard-working and dedicated people we employ. Every person who works for us has a big role to play in our story, so we want to make sure that only the best people join our team.

In a competitive jobs market, it can be difficult to get your message out there to job hunters, and because we’re no ordinary company, we wanted to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we decided to create a new website dedicated solely to recruitment.

This gives us lots of space to fill with photos, employee profiles and videos which really encompass what it’s like to work at CEWE and be part of the smile business. All designed to give you a good insight into what your future with CEWE could look like.

As part of the process of designing the website, we held sessions with some current employees to find out more about their experiences, both of the recruitment process and of working for CEWE. We wanted to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better.

This feedback helped shape the content you’ll find here, and is a great example of how we like to get our employees involved with every aspect of making our business successful.

As well as information on CEWE’s history, our company values and the benefits we offer, you’ll find useful information about the recruitment process and full details of any current job vacancies. We hope you’ll enjoy having a browse, and if you’re looking for an exciting new role, we hope what you read will leave you feeling inspired to apply for one of our vacancies.

Check back regularly to keep up to date with our latest vacancies, and don’t forget to follow CEWE Careers on Facebook and Twitter too.