Online Marketing Executive

My favourite CEWE product:
‘The True Matte photo book – there’s just something about the feel of those pages!’

‘I joined CEWE in April 2013 following the company’s acquisition of Jessops Photo. I studied photography at university and, having previously worked for Jessops, I was keen to stay in the industry. I was also a BIG fan of CEWE’s product range (and I still am!).

I’m responsible for social media marketing, so I get to spend much of my day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which is great. In fact, it’s my dream job! We’re always on the hunt for interesting content to share with our followers and we run competitions such as the ‘World’s Best View’, where people are given the chance to share their images and win a photo book voucher. It’s a great way of encouraging both new and existing customers to engage with the brand, and we have lots of fun looking through submissions and selecting the winners.

CEWE is a great place to work. Employees aren’t micro-managed and are trusted to do a good job, which I think is really important. The Digital Team are lovely and we’re all so supportive of each other. As well as working hard we have plenty of laughs. We recently asked our Facebook fans to guess how many M&Ms Laura, from our Customer Support Team, could fit in her mouth. I think we’ve put Laura off M&Ms for life, but the photos are hilarious!’