My favourite CEWE product:
‘Our panoramic prints are stunning – they take wall art to a whole new level!’


‘In 2008 my friend, who had worked for CEWE in both Germany and the UK, sent me details of a vacancy for a Laboratory Assistant.  I applied and was really pleased when the company offered me the job.  The laboratory is a challenging environment to work in, particularly during peak season (in November and December), but I picked things up quickly and, two years later, I was promoted to the role of Section Leader.

I’m responsible for the gift and print section.  I organise the team and the workflow within the section and flag up any issues that arise.  When problems do occur there’s a good support network in place; we have experienced IT support and Maintenance teams, and a very hands-on Production Manager.  I also work closely with the other Section Leaders, as well as our Production Engineer and the Quality Manager.

I really enjoy my job and never get up in a morning and think, ‘Oh no, I’ve got to go to work!’.  No two days are the same and, unlike many other manufacturing environments, the laboratory’s very clean.  My colleagues are nice and I’ve always felt respected.  I also appreciate the lengths CEWE goes to make employees feel valued.  The company recently introduced a personal development allowance, so individuals can receive up to £300 per year towards training of their choice.  I’m going to use mine to take driving lessons!’