We believe in setting the highest standards and being the best at what we do.  There’s a huge sense of pride at CEWE because of the exceptional quality of our products and the talented individuals within our teams. People stretch and challenge themselves and they have the confidence to take the initiative because they know they have the support around them to keep on growing.  Whatever level you join us at, we’ll provide you with the training and support necessary to develop your skills and realise your potential.

When it comes to the development of our people, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure training opportunities are widely available
  • To offer a range of projects, which allow for a varied experience
  • To embrace technological advances, which bring with them new knowledge and skills
  • To carry out progression planning and provide a supportive environment for career development

As the UK subsidiary of a large and successful company, we have the autonomy to make our own decisions and utilise, develop and nurture our people’s capabilities. At the same time, we’re able to draw upon a multitude of skills and resources within the group.  Group participation is encouraged though various platforms in order to share knowledge.  Examples include travelling to Germany to attend company-wide conferences, training courses and events, and spending time with international colleagues to share ideas, catch up on forthcoming initiatives and learn about our processes and systems.

Each UK employee has their own personal development plan and, depending on the needs identified, we arrange internal training (both on and off-the-job), peer-to-peer learning, and attendance on a variety of externally run courses.  Where there’s a business case, we also fund qualifications with training providers such as the Open University.  We also offer a Personal Development Allowance for non work related learning which our employees have used for such ventures as driving lessons, personal trainer sessions, cake baking lessons, singing and upholstery!

From time-to-time, we recruit into entry-level positions and offer Apprenticeships and Industrial Placements.  Any current opportunities will be shown under the ‘Current Vacancies’ section of the website.

“Three years ago, CEWE let me do a Design Engineering Degree, which has helped progress my role in the company.”

James, Production Engineer


HR Manager

“Here at CEWE, we are working hard to encourage a performance-driven culture.  Every employee is set annual objectives linked to our business strategy. These are monitored quarterly and then formally reviewed each January in an appraisal.  Employees are also expected to be able to demonstrate positive behaviour against our company values and competencies at their appraisal. Individuals who go beyond what’s expected of them during the year are rewarded by a greater salary increase at pay review time.  We encourage employees and managers to share ownership of this process and to work on any development needs that are identified.”